Toyota Swallows a Big Pill by Unveiling 2 New EVs

And Toyota has recently made a significant move in the electric vehicle market by unveiling two new EV models. This decision marks a shift in the company’s strategy, as they have been hesitant to fully embrace electric vehicles in the past.

The first of the two new models is an all-electric SUV that is set to go into production in 2022. This SUV will be built on Toyota’s new electric vehicle platform, which is designed to accommodate various sizes and types of electric vehicles. The company has stated that this new platform will allow for greater flexibility in designing and producing electric vehicles, a major step forward for Toyota in the EV market.

The second new model is a compact electric car, which is expected to be released in 2023. This car is aimed at the urban market, with a focus on efficiency and affordability. Toyota hopes that this compact electric car will appeal to city dwellers looking for a practical and eco-friendly transportation option.

These new EVs signal a significant shift for Toyota, a company that has long been known for its hybrid vehicles. While Toyota has been a leader in hybrid technology, they have been slower to fully embrace electric vehicles. This move to release two new EV models shows that Toyota is finally taking the electric vehicle market seriously and is committed to expanding their electric vehicle offerings.

This shift towards electric vehicles comes at a crucial time for the automotive industry, as more and more countries are setting goals to phase out gasoline-powered vehicles in the coming years. Toyota’s decision to unveil these two new EV models shows that they are committed to staying competitive in a rapidly changing market.

In addition to the new EV models, Toyota has also announced plans to invest $13.5 billion in battery technology over the next decade. This investment will help the company develop new battery technologies and improve the performance and range of their electric vehicles. By investing in battery technology, Toyota is positioning itself to be a major player in the electric vehicle market for years to come.

Overall, Toyota’s decision to unveil two new EV models and invest in battery technology is a significant step forward for the company. By expanding their electric vehicle offerings and investing in new technologies, Toyota is positioning itself for success in a rapidly evolving market. It will be interesting to see how these new EV models are received by consumers and how they impact Toyota’s overall market share in the electric vehicle industry.

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