The SunPass Toll Text Scam Is Everywhere Now – Here’s How to Spot It

And as SunPass toll text scam continues to spread, it’s more important than ever for consumers to be vigilant and aware of how to spot it. The scam involves a fraudulent text message claiming to be from SunPass, the electronic toll collection system used on Florida’s toll roads. The message typically informs recipients that they have an overdue toll balance and need to click a link to pay it.

One of the key ways to spot this scam is to check the phone number sending the message. Legitimate SunPass messages typically come from a specific number, so if you receive a message from a different number claiming to be SunPass, it’s likely a scam. Another red flag is the tone of the message – scammers often use urgent language to try to pressure recipients into clicking the link without thinking it through.

It’s important to remember that legitimate companies like SunPass will never ask you to click on a link in a text message to make a payment. If you receive a message like this, it’s best to ignore it and contact SunPass directly to verify if there is actually an outstanding balance on your account. This simple step can save you from falling victim to a scam and potentially having your personal and financial information compromised.

In addition to checking the phone number and the tone of the message, there are other ways to spot a SunPass toll text scam. Look for spelling and grammar errors in the message – scammers often make mistakes that a legitimate company like SunPass would not. Also, be wary of messages that ask for personal information like credit card numbers or passwords – legitimate companies will never ask for this information via text message.

If you do receive a suspicious message claiming to be from SunPass, you can report it to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) or the Florida Attorney General’s office. By reporting scams like this, you can help prevent others from falling victim and hold scammers accountable for their actions.

As the SunPass toll text scam continues to spread, it’s important for consumers to stay informed and be cautious when receiving unexpected messages asking for payment. By following these tips and being vigilant, you can protect yourself from falling victim to this and other scams. Remember, when in doubt, always verify the source of the message before taking any action. Stay safe and informed to protect yourself and your personal information.

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