That Alaska Airlines Boeing 737 Door Plug Flew Off Because No One Bolted It On, Report Reveals

And now, a new report has revealed the shocking reason behind why the door plug of an Alaska Airlines Boeing 737 flew off during a flight. The report indicates that the door plug flew off because no one had bolted it onto the aircraft. This alarming oversight raises serious concerns about airline safety and maintenance procedures.

The incident occurred on July 27, 2021, while the Alaska Airlines flight was en route to Seattle from New Orleans. Passengers onboard the aircraft were in for a terrifying experience when they heard a loud noise and saw a piece of the aircraft’s door flying off. Fortunately, the flight crew managed to safely land the plane without any injuries to the passengers or crew.

After the incident, an investigation was conducted to determine the cause of the door plug detachment. The report revealed that maintenance personnel at an Alaska Airlines facility in Seattle had removed the door plug for maintenance. However, when they reinstalled it onto the aircraft, they failed to properly secure it with bolts. This critical error ultimately led to the door plug detaching during the flight.

The report also highlighted several concerning findings regarding the airline’s maintenance procedures. It was discovered that the maintenance crew did not use a checklist or follow proper procedures when reinstalling the door plug. Additionally, there were no specific guidelines or training in place for ensuring the proper installation of door plugs on the Boeing 737 aircraft.

This incident has raised serious concerns about the overall safety and maintenance practices within the airline industry. The fact that such a critical component of the aircraft was not properly secured is alarming and raises questions about the effectiveness of airline maintenance procedures. It also highlights the need for more stringent oversight and regulation within the industry to prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future.

In response to the report, Alaska Airlines has acknowledged the serious nature of the incident and has committed to implementing several corrective measures to prevent similar incidents from happening again. The airline has stated that it will be implementing new procedures and training for maintenance personnel to ensure that all critical components of the aircraft are properly installed and secured. Additionally, Alaska Airlines has committed to conducting a thorough review of its maintenance practices and making any necessary changes to improve safety and compliance.

Furthermore, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has stated that it will be conducting its own investigation into the incident. The FAA has a responsibility to ensure the safety and compliance of all aircraft operating within the United States, and this incident has raised serious concerns about the effectiveness of current oversight and regulation within the industry.

Overall, this incident serves as a reminder of the critical importance of proper maintenance and oversight within the airline industry. The safety of passengers and crew should always be the top priority, and any oversights or errors in maintenance procedures can have potentially catastrophic consequences. It is crucial for airlines and regulatory agencies to work together to ensure that all aircraft are properly maintained and in compliance with safety standards. Only then can passengers have confidence in the safety and reliability of air travel.

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