Some Drivers Are Keeping Their Car Key Fob by Their Bed, for Safety

And in a unique trend that has been gaining popularity among drivers, some are choosing to keep their car key fobs by their bedside for safety reasons. This practice may seem unusual at first, but it is actually a precautionary measure that some individuals are taking to protect themselves and their vehicles from potential threats.

One of the main reasons why some drivers are opting to keep their car key fobs close at hand while they sleep is to prevent car theft. Many modern vehicles are equipped with keyless entry systems, which allow drivers to unlock and start their cars with just the push of a button on their key fob. However, this convenience also opens up the possibility of car thieves using signal amplifiers to intercept the key fob’s signal and gain access to the vehicle. By keeping their key fobs near their beds, drivers can ensure that their fobs are out of range of potential thieves, making it harder for them to steal the car.

Additionally, some drivers choose to keep their key fobs by their bedside as a safety precaution in case of emergencies. If a driver were to wake up in the middle of the night to find an intruder in their home, having their car key fob nearby could provide them with a way to quickly escape to safety. In some situations, activating the panic button on the key fob could alert neighbors or scare off the intruder, potentially saving the driver from harm.

Furthermore, keeping the car key fob by the bedside can also be convenient in other emergency situations. If a driver were to suddenly feel unwell in the middle of the night and needed to get to a hospital or urgent care facility, having their key fob nearby would allow them to quickly access their car and drive themselves to seek medical help. This could be especially beneficial in rural areas where emergency services may not be readily available.

Moreover, some drivers may choose to keep their car key fob by their bed as a precaution against carjacking incidents. While carjacking is a rare occurrence, having quick access to the key fob could help a driver defend themselves in such a situation. By being able to unlock the car and activate the alarm, the driver may be able to deter the carjacker or attract attention from passersby who could help intervene.

In conclusion, keeping a car key fob by the bedside is a practice that some drivers are adopting for safety reasons. By doing so, they can protect their vehicles from potential theft, as well as have quick access to their cars in case of emergencies or dangerous situations. While this strategy may not be necessary for every driver, it is a personal choice that some individuals are making to ensure their own safety and peace of mind.

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