2023 Lund 1975 Pro-v Features and Price

The Lund 1975 Pro-v is a top-of-the-range fishing boat that has been around for quite some time. Known worldwide for its durability, stability and high performance, the Lund 1975 Pro-v has become an ideal choice for both experienced and novice anglers alike. The company is set to unveil its 2023 model of the Lund 1975 Pro-v, and this is what to expect.


2023 Lund 1975 Pro-v Specifications

The Lund 1975 Pro-v 2023 model will have a length of 19 feet and a width of 8 feet. This is ideal for those who love to fish in open waters that tend to be rough. The boat is constructed with a deep-V aluminum hull, which makes it more stable, comfortable and easy to maneuver.

The boat is fitted with a Mercury 250 horsepower V8 outboard motor, which propels it to a top speed of 60 mph. This powerful engine will ensure that anglers get to their fishing spots quickly and easily. The 2023 Lund 1975 Pro-v will also be fitted with a fuel capacity of 50 gallons, which will ensure that anglers can fish for longer without having to refuel.

2023 Lund 1975 Pro-v Features

The 2023 Lund 1975 Pro-v comes with a range of innovative features that will make fishing more fun and efficient. It has a large casting platform that provides great visibility and is perfect for casting. The boat also has a rear live well that is insulated and aerated to keep fish fresh and alive.

The 2023 Lund 1975 Pro-v will be fitted with Lowrance HDS LIVE fishfinder technology, this means that it will be equipped with a sonar system that produces accurate and detailed images of fish underwater. This feature will make it easier for anglers to locate fish, and optimize their chances of catching a variety of species.

Anglers will also enjoy the comfort of the boat with the plush seating options, tilt steering, and a built-in cooler. When fighting a fish, comfort is key and the Lund 1975 Pro-v provides it.

2023 Lund 1975 Pro-v Durability

Lund boats are known for their durability and the 2023 Lund 1975 Pro-v is no exception. The boat is constructed with high-quality materials and is welded by experts to ensure that it is strong and can withstand harsh weather conditions. The aluminum hull is designed to resist rust and corrosion, making it easier to maintain.

2023 Lund 1975 Pro-v Safety

Safety is crucial when it comes to boating and the 2023 Lund 1975 Pro-v has been designed to provide maximum safety to anglers. The boat is equipped with safety features such as automatic bilge pumps, navigation lights, a fire extinguisher, and a boarding ladder.

The Lund 1975 Pro-v 2023 model will also be fitted with a starboard side console, which provides easy access to the boat’s controls, and ensures that the boat is easier to navigate for the captain.


The 2023 Lund 1975 Pro-v is a fishing boat designed to provide maximum comfort, safety, and performance to anglers. It is equipped with innovative features that make fishing easier and more efficient. With its powerful engine, durable construction, and safety features, anglers can be assured of a great fishing experience. The Lund 1975 Pro-v 2023 will definitely be an upgrade from previous models and a great addition to your fishing arsenal.

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