Harley-Davidson Unveils Its ‘American Dreaming’ Lineup With New Street Glide, Road Glide, and CVO Pan America

And now, Harley-Davidson has unveiled its highly anticipated ‘American Dreaming’ lineup, featuring the new Street Glide, Road Glide, and CVO Pan America. These three bikes capture the essence of the American dream, embodying the spirit of freedom, adventure, and the open road.

The new Street Glide is the quintessential American cruiser, combining classic styling with modern performance. With its iconic batwing fairing and sleek, low-slung profile, the Street Glide is a head-turner on the highway. Powered by a Milwaukee-Eight 114 engine, this bike delivers smooth, responsive power that is perfect for long rides and weekend getaways. Equipped with advanced technology, such as a BOOM! Box GTS infotainment system and Reflex Defensive Rider Systems, the Street Glide offers a comfortable and safe riding experience. With its bold design and cutting-edge features, the Street Glide is the embodiment of the American motorcycle dream.

Next in the lineup is the Road Glide, a bike that is built for long-haul touring and cross-country adventures. Featuring a frame-mounted fairing and dual Daymaker LED headlights, the Road Glide offers a commanding presence on the road. Its Milwaukee-Eight 114 engine delivers strong, smooth power, while the comfortable seating and spacious storage make it a top choice for riders who love to hit the highway. With a suite of rider-assist technology, including electronic cruise control and linked braking system, the Road Glide is designed to make long-distance riding easy and enjoyable. Whether cruising along the coast or tackling a winding mountain pass, the Road Glide is ready for the journey ahead.

Finally, the CVO Pan America takes the Harley-Davidson lineup in a bold new direction, offering a high-performance adventure touring bike that is designed to conquer any terrain. Powered by the all-new Revolution Max 1250 engine, the CVO Pan America delivers impressive power and agility, making it a versatile choice for on and off-road riding. Equipped with premium features such as semi-active front and rear suspension, electronic cruise control, and a suite of rider modes, the CVO Pan America offers a level of performance and luxury that is unmatched in the adventure touring segment. With its rugged good looks and cutting-edge technology, the CVO Pan America represents the pinnacle of American motorcycle innovation.

In addition to the new lineup, Harley-Davidson is offering a range of customization options and accessories for each of these bikes, allowing riders to personalize their motorcycle to suit their individual style and preferences. From performance-enhancing upgrades to custom paint and graphics, there are countless ways for riders to make their ‘American Dreaming’ bike their own.

Overall, the ‘American Dreaming’ lineup from Harley-Davidson represents the best of American motorcycle craftsmanship and innovation. With the Street Glide, Road Glide, and CVO Pan America, riders have a range of options to choose from, each offering its own unique blend of style, performance, and technology. Whether cruising the open highways or exploring rugged backcountry trails, these bikes are designed to deliver an unforgettable riding experience that captures the essence of the American dream. With Harley-Davidson leading the way, the future of American motorcycling has never looked brighter.

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