Are These 2 Tesla Features Design Fails?

And although Tesla has become known for its innovative technology and premium features, there have been a couple of design elements that have raised eyebrows among consumers and critics alike. In particular, two features have been the subject of debate: the controversial minimalist interior and the unique door handles.

Firstly, let’s discuss the minimalist interior design of Tesla vehicles. While some praise the clean and sleek aesthetic of the interior, others have criticized it for being too simplistic and lacking in traditional luxury elements. The lack of physical buttons and knobs in favor of a large touchscreen control panel has been a point of contention for many drivers. Some find it overwhelming and distracting to have all controls consolidated into a single interface, while others appreciate the futuristic and high-tech feel of the setup.

Critics argue that the absence of tactile feedback from physical buttons can be a safety concern, as drivers may need to take their eyes off the road to ensure they are pressing the correct virtual button on the screen. Additionally, some have raised concerns about the reliability and durability of the touchscreen, as a malfunction could potentially render all controls inaccessible.

On the other hand, proponents of the minimalist interior argue that the lack of physical controls results in a cleaner and more streamlined appearance, as well as reducing the risk of clutter and distractions. They also point out that Tesla vehicles receive regular software updates that can improve the functionality and user experience of the touchscreen interface over time.

Another design feature that has sparked controversy is the unique door handles on Tesla vehicles. Unlike traditional door handles that extend outward when pressed, the door handles on Tesla cars are flush with the body of the vehicle and pop out when approached with the key fob or when a sensor detects the driver’s presence.

While some appreciate the sleek and futuristic look of the retractable door handles, others have criticized them for being impractical and prone to malfunction. There have been reports of issues with the door handles not opening properly or getting stuck, resulting in frustrated owners having to manually pry them open in order to enter or exit the vehicle.

Critics argue that the retractable door handles add unnecessary complexity and potential points of failure to the vehicle, which could lead to costly repair bills down the line. They also point out that the novelty of the design may not outweigh the practicality and reliability of traditional door handles.

Supporters of the retractable door handles, however, argue that they improve the aerodynamics of the vehicle by reducing drag and enhancing fuel efficiency. They also appreciate the high-tech and futuristic feel that the door handles add to the overall design of the vehicle.

In conclusion, while the minimalist interior design and unique door handles of Tesla vehicles have been met with both praise and criticism, it ultimately comes down to personal preference. Some may appreciate the sleek and modern aesthetic of these design features, while others may find them impractical or unreliable. As Tesla continues to push the boundaries of automotive innovation, it will be interesting to see how these design elements evolve in future models.

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