4 Times 007 Traded His Aston Martin for 2 Wheels

And it’s not just James Bond who has a love affair with stunning automobiles – his trusty ride, the Aston Martin, has become just as iconic as the suave secret agent himself. However, there have been moments in the Bond franchise where 007 has traded in his four-wheeled luxury for the thrill of two wheels. Let’s take a closer look at four times James Bond has ditched his beloved car for a motorcycle in the iconic film series.

The first time Bond swapped his Aston Martin for a motorcycle was in the 1983 film “Octopussy,” starring Roger Moore as the legendary spy. In a thrilling chase sequence through the streets of India, Bond finds himself behind the wheel of a stolen tuk-tuk before eventually commandeering a motorcycle to pursue his enemies. The sequence is filled with high-speed stunts and close calls, showcasing Bond’s impressive skills both behind the wheel and on two wheels.

Another memorable moment where Bond ditched his Aston Martin for a motorcycle was in the 2008 film “Quantum of Solace,” starring Daniel Craig as the rugged and more physically demanding version of the spy. In the film’s opening sequence, Bond is on the run in a high-octane motorcycle chase through the picturesque streets of Siena, Italy. The chase is both exhilarating and intense, showcasing Craig’s impressive physicality and determination as he navigates the narrow streets and evades his pursuers.

The third time Bond traded in his Aston Martin for a motorcycle was in the 1997 film “Tomorrow Never Dies,” also starring Pierce Brosnan as the suave spy. In a heart-pounding motorcycle chase through the streets of Saigon, Bond once again proves his resourcefulness and quick thinking as he evades his enemies on two wheels. The sequence is filled with explosive action and adrenaline-pumping stunts, showcasing Brosnan’s suave charm and agility as Bond.

Lastly, in the 2012 film “Skyfall,” Daniel Craig’s Bond finds himself once again on a motorcycle in a breathtaking chase through the streets of Istanbul. The sequence is both visually stunning and heart-pounding, with Craig’s Bond showcasing his skills as both a skilled rider and a fearless agent. The scene is a highlight of the film, showcasing Bond’s determination and resourcefulness as he takes on his enemies in a thrilling motorcycle chase.

In conclusion, while James Bond may be known for his sleek Aston Martin, there have been moments in the franchise where he has traded in his luxury car for the thrill of a motorcycle. Whether evading enemies, chasing down villains, or simply enjoying the open road, Bond’s adventures on two wheels have become just as iconic as his four-wheeled escapades. With each thrilling chase sequence, Bond proves that he is not only a master behind the wheel but also a force to be reckoned with on two wheels.

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