Electrify America sessions to automatically shut off at 85% EV charge in some areas

And starting now, Electrify America sessions will automatically shut off at 85% EV charge in some areas. This new feature is being implemented in select regions to help minimize charging times and ensure more equitable access to charging stations for all electric vehicle (EV) drivers.

By setting the charging limit to 85%, Electrify America aims to prevent overcharging and reduce the risk of potential damage to EV batteries. This decision was made following feedback from EV users who expressed concerns about the environmental impact of overcharging and the need for more efficient charging practices.

The new feature will initially be rolled out in high-traffic areas where charging demand is high and available charging stations may be limited. By limiting charging sessions to 85%, Electrify America hopes to reduce wait times for other EV drivers and promote a more sustainable and efficient use of charging infrastructure.

While some EV users may be concerned about not being able to fully charge their vehicles at Electrify America stations, it is important to note that the 85% limit is intended to strike a balance between convenience and sustainability. By stopping charging sessions at 85%, EV drivers can still achieve a sufficient charge to reach their destination without overtaxing the charging infrastructure.

In addition to the 85% charging limit, Electrify America is also implementing dynamic pricing in certain areas to encourage more efficient use of charging stations. By adjusting pricing based on demand, Electrify America aims to incentivize EV drivers to charge during off-peak hours and distribute charging load more evenly throughout the day.

Furthermore, Electrify America is actively working to expand its charging network and deploy more high-speed chargers in key locations to meet growing demand for electric vehicle charging. By investing in infrastructure and implementing new features like the 85% charging limit, Electrify America is demonstrating its commitment to supporting the transition to electric mobility and providing a reliable and sustainable charging experience for all EV drivers.

Overall, the introduction of the 85% charging limit at Electrify America stations reflects a broader trend towards more sustainable and efficient charging practices in the EV industry. By promoting responsible charging behavior and investing in innovative solutions, Electrify America is paving the way for a greener and more sustainable future for electric mobility.

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