3 Things You May Not Know About Police Cars

And did you know that police cars are equipped with many features that the average person may not be aware of? Here are three interesting facts about police cars that might surprise you.

One lesser-known feature of police cars is their ability to be started remotely. This feature is especially useful in cold weather, allowing the officer to start their vehicle from inside a warm building and have it ready to go when they are. It can also be used in hot weather to start the air conditioning before getting into the car. This feature not only adds convenience for the officer but also ensures that the vehicle is always ready to respond quickly to emergencies.

Another unique feature of police cars is their specialized braking systems. Police cars are often equipped with heavy-duty brakes that are designed to withstand the intense braking that comes with high-speed pursuits. These brakes are typically larger and more durable than the brakes found on regular vehicles, allowing the officer to stop quickly and safely in emergency situations. In addition to their advanced braking systems, many police cars are also equipped with anti-lock braking systems (ABS) to help prevent skidding and maintain control during sudden stops.

One more interesting fact about police cars is their powerful engines. Police cars are typically equipped with engines that are larger and more powerful than those found in regular civilian vehicles. This extra power allows the officer to quickly accelerate to high speeds when responding to emergencies or pursuing a suspect. In addition to their powerful engines, police cars often have additional features such as upgraded suspensions and transmissions to help them handle the demands of police work.

In conclusion, police cars are not just your average vehicle. They are specially designed and equipped to meet the unique needs of law enforcement officers. From remote start capabilities to heavy-duty brakes and powerful engines, police cars have a variety of features that set them apart from ordinary cars. So the next time you see a police car speeding by, remember that there is a lot more to it than meets the eye.

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